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The Pull List Podcast Episode 55 From Love Thy Nerd

September 14, 2021


Chris and Hector are back for the Fall 2021 season of The Pull List Podcast! Are you ready for more of DC Comics’ Joker in your life or perhaps Jason Todd as a zombie slayer? DC Comics is looking for new readers in Walmart, and Diamond comics is freezing the discount tiers…..for now. Chris and Hector also share their top pulls and the #1’s worth your time!

News from the show:

“Harley Quinn & the DC villains throw Joker a party in A Puzzlebox #1 preview”, Newsarama
“Marvel Announces Return of Luke Cage”, Comicbook
“DC Gives Red Hood a Zombie-Slaying Makeover”, CBR
“DC looks for the next generation of comic book readers in Walmart”, Comicbook
“Diamond To Freeze Comic Store Discounts Until The End Of The Year”, Bleeding Cool

Pulls from the show:

Ascender #17Image Comics
Strange Academy (2020) #11, Marvel Comics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #3, IDW
Firefly Brand New Verse #5, Boom! Studios
Beta Ray Bill (2021) #5, Marvel Comics
Nocterra #5, Image Comics
The Other History Of The DC Universe #4, DC Comics
Home Sick Pilots #6, Image Comics

#1’s Worth Your Time:

Moon Knight #1Marvel Comics
The Nice House On the Lake #1
DC Comics

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